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Bookbinding comes in different forms. There are hard and soft bound books. Of course, hard bounds are more expensive because of the materials used and the durability of the book per se.

If we purchase a book that we love, we always go for durability, thus, we spend more on the hard bound. Regardless of the price, we shell out more just to satisfy our want to have that hard book. Having a well binded book means longer life for the book and we can even display it in our bookshelves. If you visit a law library, you will notice that most if not all books are hard bound. If you have done your thesis, you have also used a hardbound cover to preserve your output.

But as a conservator or bookbinder, you will look for not just a typical hard bound cover. You will look for genuine leather to use in your bookbinding.

But why do you use leather? Leathers are known to be durable and long lasting. You don’t need to worry if it will be hit or even scratched because it is leather. You might think that leathers are just for shoes, wallets, bags or clothings. But leather can be also used as a material for bookbinding. You prefer leather shoes because they are durable. This is also the same with your books. Using leather means you are able to preserve your books.

If you go visit an old library with books from decades ago, you will notice that most books are binded by leather, thus, the content of the book is protected well. That is why bookbinders and conservators use this type of material because this is not just for protection of the book but also a way of preserving the beauty of the book.

But finding a genuine leather skin to use is not that easy. You may find sellers online but you will never know if they’re selling legit ones not unless you see the actual item.

This type of material is unique and preserved. This is not just an ordinary skin to be used as a leather cover on your bookbinding. This means that the seller must be in the industry for the longest time to be able to offer this type of material.

Goatskin is often used as a material for leather bookbinding. As a bookbinder, you will immediately know whether it is genuine especially if you start to dye it.

Therefore, if you are planning to purchase a leather skin for your bookbinding, always buy from trusted shops that have been doing the business for quite a long time. You can ask your fellow bookbinders for recommendations or you just research on your own but make sure that you check the reviews of the clients. Most clients are bookbinders. They will either use it for personal consumption or use it for their business. Either way, the important thing is that you are able to buy from a legit shop so that your money will not be put to waste and you can preserve your books that can last for decades.

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